The pendulum of “who’s more shocking in hip-hop” just swung back in Lil B‘s favor. The Based God announced yesterday on the Coachella stage that his next album will be called I’m Gay. Don’t worry, he’s not coming out of the closet as in the clip above he declares he loves women and in context, it’s the “happy” version of gay.

Oh, for further confirmation there’s Pitchfork with the tweet.

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  1. Justin

    I used to think maybe he was smarter then we give him credit for, but now I’m pretty sure he’s just a dumbass. He’s trying to make this pseudo-social statement but just coming across like an idiot in his description of why he did it. #NoThankYouBasedGod

  2. Brando

    At this point, I’m making the “who’s willing to say/do more shocking stuff to get over” battle between Tyler, the Creator & Lil B this generation’s version of “Who’s Crazier” between Michael Jackson & Prince.

  3. Freddie Gibbs On Lil B’s “I’m Gay” | Day & A Dream

    […] There’s a reason why people are strong fans of Freddie Gibbs. Mainly because he speaks his mind on any given subject at any given time and when he decided to take to Southpaw last week for a stop on the Return of 4eva tour, he let his thoughts seep out about Lil B and his I’m Gay album title. […]


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