Twitter was feverish last night as Port Arthur’s own Bun B held a discussion at Club Venue over rappers and their responsibilities to society. This isn’t the first open discussion Bun has held as he held a panel on Relgiion & Hip-Hop earlier this year. The panel at Venue however was more esteemed to a degree as Lupe Fiasco, Malice (of Clipse), Trae Tha Truth & Talib Kweli were all on hand to deliver their opinions on matters and take questions.

Most of this stemmed from Ashley Judd’s comments in her book over hip-hop being a “rape culture” which she later said was taken out of context. Point blank, hip-hop is both of those things but it doesn’t need policing from someone who knows nothing about the culture itself. Does the culture wrap itself around these unjust ideals, yes but all culture’s have complex sides to them.

While I wasn’t in attendance for the event, Rizoh was and for more coverage, check out his recap of the event over at the Houston Press

Down below happens to be footage from the show via Relevant Minds