At the current rate, it’s possible to say that OFWGKTA is capable of having underrated members.

While everyone is aware of Tyler, The Creator’s angst and nihilism towards anything considered standard (his jerking around of record executives on Twitter has reached late night comedy levels of funny) there’s more to the story. Hodgy Beats is the sideman who does enough in MellowHype to earn serious notice and that Earl Sweatshirt has enough promise in that crazed brain of his that he could possibly be better than Nas at one point. However, two figures in the collective that may go unnoticed but are considerably intriguing in their own rights: capable weed-rap lover Domo Genesis and Mike G, who’s drawn out, pimp inclined cadence has him regionally in touch with Houston’s syrupy works than anything that Tyler’s punk ideals hold.

Many have already claimed Mike G as one of the few members in OFWGKTA that you can present to a general public without them having to be shocked out of their minds or gasp. “Forest Green”, presumably from his GOLD tape set to drop later this year is jungle fused by LeftBrain multiple pianos and drums clashing together and Mike’s lucid flow with one singular thought that carries out: “Swag Me The F*ck Out”.

DOWNLOAD: Mike G – Forest Green | Mediafire