“I don’t do too much bloggin’ – Jay-Z; “Light Up”

I want to add this to another edition of “Lies Rappers Tell” but when you look at it from the surface, to hear the words Jay-Z and blog mesh is almost like water to a man unfortunately situated in a drought. When S. Carter unveiled his new LifeandTimes.com to the public yesterday afternoon, the results and reaction were sizeable, loud enough to be heard from Marcy to LA.

But it doesn’t feel authentic, does it?

One look at the site and it’s beautifully designed with the postcard feel and every image leading you to a different sub category. With Shawn actually having a WordPress account to post from, it seems only logical that hip-hop’s most powerful and influential voice at the time decide to have a site all to himself. Do I see him updating it every day with content? No, of course not there will be a team of ghost bloggers to do it for him. After all, Jay doesn’t do a lot from his mythical Twitter account either.

It seems like for all of the trends Shawn has set during his time as Hip-Hop’s King Midas, him hoping on the blog train seems a little late. Little brother came in around the time Graduation dropped in 2007 and proceeded to educate us all with various clips, shoes and his all caps everything rants which appeared less and less as time progressed. Diddy has a lifestyle blog as well, one he was hyping for quite some time on Twitter but got lost in a Ciroc haze. If Jay is willing to share himself and his thoughts more on a daily basis does it mean that those who purchased Decoded and read the book got a sneak peek into the walls he’s refused to knock down?

Those walls were the main reasons why people either loved or hated Decoded. Yes, fans got what they wanted: stories about Jay’s childhood and nights in New Jersey where he stood on the corner and made a debt back in 24 hours. It also contributed to really appreciating Jay’s unique style and intricacies behind his imaginary pen. It also made for some redundant moments and lost in the shuffle ideas that Jay wanted to pull together and make seem important but fell flat. A blog with authentic feelings from Jay seems years in the making but so was Decoded and the original idea for that The Black Book was scrapped with the original concept of The Black Album.

If Carter is willing to keep the site updated constantly with his own thoughts then maybe I’ll add it to my RSS feed but of course this is all honest skepticism. If he ever needed someone to help run the site for him, don’t be a fool and think I wouldn’t apply my WordPress knowledge to help Hova The God. Hey, I’m resume building and if it gets me in any sort of room where I have to reply to a statement ending with “If we get this many hits, you’re getting the Ferarri or Jaguar switchin’ four lanes,” of course I’m throwing the diamond up.

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