Show of hands of those that expected majestic music from the Maybach camp in the lead in for their upcoming Self Made Vol. 1 project. For those of you with your hands up, feel free to be dismayed by the early warm up they’ve served with “Tupac Back”, another in a now assembly line creation of synths and pounding drums in which Ross goes ahead and delivers his standard chorus flow. A few notes to be taken here.

1. Ross isn’t 2Pac so if anybody begins making the comparison, immediately redirect yourself to a psyche ward. Putting a bunch of 2Pac songs together to create a chorus isn’t lazy, it’s down right below Ross. For a guy who built a career about the type of production you make a hip-hop opera around, once he struck “song of the summer” status with B.M.F., he hasn’t really broke ground on anything remotely close to his previous best, has he?

2. Meek Mill is one of young spitters on MMG and while this isn’t his best showing, it clearly shows that he does have a few rounds in him to last for the long haul.

3. That cover? Chopper Suit City.

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – Tupac Back (f. Rick Ross) | Mediafire