According to most estimates, there are roughly 420+ artists in the area of Houston rappers wanting to break big, with ten of them arguably making a dent, the second level making smaller dents and the rest continuing to knock until their imprint is visible enough to be taken seriously. With varying styles between all of them from laid back flows to all-around lyrical dexterity, it doesn’t feel like any of them have truly committed to the original nature of Houston at all, which was mostly honest raps about day to day subjects influxed with escapism dreams of big body sedans and women from Main to Scott.

Show however may be the last of his era, a man consistent enough to bring both old school rhetoric and energy to his live shows while balancing the idea of lyricism and passionate reality on wax. With a staunch principle on being true to himself, he refuses to bite his tongue on any matter, not even associating himself with the “New Houston” tag that’s been given to many of the up & comers since the 2004-05 boom period. Matter of fact he may be the only artist within the collective that even manages to give dual versions of his mixtapes ala Lil Flip back in his hey day, or back when braids weren’t popular and then were popular.

For a while we’ve been getting tracks from Show, all of which have been consistent and none worthy of being lost in the shuffle. As a matter of fact they’ve been more than worthy of ample play but Show decided to beat us to the punch by releasing All Flows 3, a collection of new freestyles and tracks given strictly to the fans who have been either down for Show since the beginning or heard about him through various events and word of mouth.

[vodpod id=Video.5913566&w=425&h=350&fv=]

DOWNLOAD: Show – All Flowz 3 | Screwed & Chopped

As even more of a bonus, the 3rd Down Gang member even pulled Roel Olsteen himself Z-Ro on a track.