Alright, the secret is out. While we are great at being predictors for the best new music out, we also are wrestling fans at heart. For the first time in years, there is universal appeal to sit back and watch the WWE’s flagship show of nearly 30 years, WrestleMania. Considering that both BG & Brando have extensively given arduous amounts of their time covering the RAW buildup to the biggest show in the “sport”, we here at D&D made sure both of our biggest wrestling heads gave their thoughts on the event itself.

Without giving one another Stunners or Rock Bottoms.

Match 1: 8-Man Tag Match – Santino Marella, Vladimir Koslov, Kane & Big Show vs. The Corre (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson)
The Buildup: The Corre is a stable of former Nexus members Gabriel, Slater & Wade Barrett with relative newcomer Jackson. They’ve been trying to assert dominance on Smackdown by going after Kane & Big Show. After dispatching of the two on Smackdown a few weeks ago, the group then set their sights on Koslov & Marella. With Show & Kane looking for revenge, here’s the 8-man Tag that will (hopefully) open Mania.

Brad Gilmore: First off in my opinion I see this match as a filler, but all that aside, this match still has two if the biggest stars of the company (at least during the Attitude Era), Big Show and Kane. My pick to win this match will definitely be The Corre. My reasoning is simple, Wade Barrett is right there on the list of the next big breakout young stars in the WWE, and think about it, the leader of his stable pulls out a victory at WrestleMania against two former World Champions? It would launch him to the next level in WWE (along with The Corre), and solidify him as a WWE Superstar.

Brando: When you’re too busy bitching about not having a Money In The Bank match at Mania this year, blame it on this. While Big Show hasn’t had a win on a Mania that I can remember, it’s the first one for The Corre period. They get the win and hopefully it’s short.

Match 2: United States Title Match – Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus (c)
The Buildup: Daniel Bryan is the internet’s favorite wrestler, well indie favorite anyway. He’s the former champion and was basically Sheamus’ breakthrough after weeks of losing and threatening to quit. Since Sheamus won the belt from Bryan, Bryan elected to have his rematch at the biggest show of the year.

BG: Personally I am not a fan of Sheamus or of Daniel Bryan, not exactly two huge marquee names, but they are both great workers. The rivalry is one of the more on the card with a yawn-factor, but I’m sure the purists of the sport will definitely love this match. As for who I believe will win the match, I have to go with Daniel Bryan, once again a young star just ready to break out. Sheamus already had his run as a main eventer as WWE Champion, so putting the US title on Bryan will show his hard work to the fans and maybe in a couple WrestleManias he will become a huge name in the company.

Brando: Wait a minute, yawn factor? You try getting kicked in the head by a milk carton that speaks Yiddish. Anyway, the company doesn’t exactly know what to do with the Celtic Warrior so needless to say the strap is going back on Bryan in an entertaining little man vs. heavyweight fight.

Match 3: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Trish Stratus and John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool) (with Vickie Guerrero)
The Buildup: LayCool has had beef with WWE Diva Legend Trish Stratus since Elimination Chamber. Ziggler and Morrison have been at it for quite sometime, whether it be Morrison being the IC Champ or Ziggler being the IC Champ. Snooki has beef with no one but got dragged into it only because Vickie Guererro thought she had a better mock Rolling Stone cover than the one with Snooki actually on it.

BG: This match is just another way that Vince McMahon is a genius. He has brought one of the most talked about names in the current blogosphere and in reality TV, the Jersey girl herself, Snooki, and he has brought back quite possible the most jaw-dropping WWE Diva of all time (maybe in a close tie with Torrie Wilson), Trish Stratus. That right there is enough to make me excited about this match. To make this point quick, I feel that to appease the fans, and the media, they will give this match to the babyfaces, and Trish, Snooki and Morrison will win the match.

Brando: Finally…The Snook … Has Come, wait wrong person and wrong person shaped like a mini fridge with boobs. Short and sweet, Team Snooki wins after a cat fight, some shenanigans on the outside and Morrison and Ziggler going at it for at least ten minutes. I mean, they do have to wrestle, right?

Match 4: Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
The Buildup: Mysterio kicked Cody in the face a few weeks ago leaving his face “disfigured” when really it’s just Cody playing super narcissist and then grabbing a Dr. Doom mask and going completely insane. Or as insane as a mid-carder can get.

BG: All I can say is Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio, Rey Mysterio. Rey is one of my favorite performers to watch, he is almost like Hall of Fame Inductee, Shawn Michaels, in the sense that win or lose, Rey is never out performed in a match, and I honestly don’t think that the fans would believe that Rhodes could pull out the victory. My money is definitely on Rey, and I am also hoping that Dusty makes an appearance in some fashion.

Brando: Why is this a match on a Wrestlemania card, I’ll never know. Honestly if they debuted Sin Cara around Elimination Chamber and ran an angle with him being the “next” Rey Mysterio and gave those two a match, I would be sold on a much better affair. Sin Cara = ’95 – ’97 Mysterio from the ECW/WCW days. Cody inflicts some damage but Rey wins in the end as a pesky underdog. By the way, what’s the over/under on Rey showing up dressed as Charlie Sheen for his WM costume? I mean, he did pull off Retarded Avatar last year.

Match 5: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
The Buildup: Three years ago, CM Punk was on his first run as World Heavyweight Champion. Right when Orton was building his Legacy stable, Punk had an interview segment where Orton punted Punk in the skull, forcing him to vacate the World title he then held. Punk hasn’t forgotten and after having a mini-war with John Cena, he set his sights on getting payback from Orton who now is probably the second hottest babyface in the company.

BG: I definitely will be invested in this match, once again two great workers and a good, solid, believable angle. Orton is probably right there on the edge of becoming a World champion again, and the same with CM Punk. For this match I am actually undecided about the outcome of this match. Maybe Brando can come up with some kind of idea of a winner.

Brando: Weak, you would leave me picking the potential Ricky Steamboat Award Winner for Match That Steals WrestleMania. Considering that Punk is the best heel the WWE has right now, it’s possible that he could walk out with sick vengeance on Orton. However, the way this story has been leaning towards Punk’s favor in recent weeks, both of these two will bust out their signature moves but Orton will come away with a sneaky RKO for the win and the first at least four-star affair of Mania.

Match 6: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (Cole has Jack Swagger in his corner, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the special guest referee).
The Buildup: You can date this one all the way back to when The Miz won the WWE title. Cole became a virtual suck up to the Miz even though Miz didn’t care and it escalated further when Cole continued to cheer the heels and their actions. When Lawler started his mini-feud with Miz, Cole protected The Miz for the sake of Miz being WWE Champion. Since the Elimination Chamber PPV, Cole has been more and more vicious towards Lawler, bringing in Jack Swagger as his personal trainer but Stone Cold ruined Cole’s ace in the hole as he’s the referee for the first ever Announcer v. Announcer match at Mania.

BG: This match might be a throwback to a match the put Mr. McMahon against Bret Hart. One is not so much a good wrestler, and the other is a tad out of his prime. The build up to this match is what has sold me, and especially the involvement of the Rattle Snake (making his 2nd WrestleMania referee appearance) will make up for what the actual match will lack. My pick is definitely The King, just for the fact that Cole needs his ass kicked and the fact that he cost Lawler the WWE Title, twice.

Brando: Thank merciful God that we might have seen the last of Cole after this one since he called someone a f*ggot on Twitter and I doubt Vince wants that firestorm up his ass. There hasn’t been a hotter heel in the WWE than Cole, who finally came around and owned his character of being the smarmy guy nobody could stand. Lawler wins in his Wrestlemania debut (shocking) with Stone Cold chugging beer and stunning a few folks in the process. In the end, either mini-Orton or (please God) Jim Ross will call matches the rest of the night after this one.

Match 7: The Streak Match – HHH vs. The Undertaker (No Holds Barred)
The Buildup: On the same night the host of Wrestlemania returned to the WWE, so did the Undertaker. And without saying a word, HHH appeared to interrupt Taker and non-verbally challenge him to a match at Wrestlemania over Undertaker’s undefeated streak. Both men have been delivering out of this world promos hyping the match which is a throwback to their match 10 years ago which was No Holds Barred then. This time, both are vets and with Shawn Michaels being inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend, it’s obvious the Heartbreak Kid will have a say in who wins this.

BG: I have watched every WrestleMania on PPV since WrestleMania XX. I normally don’t really care who wins the match, I just like the entertainment. But, there is one match that makes me nervous when I watch it. The Undertaker’s streak is one of the things that makes Mania the spectacle that it is. In my opinion is should always be the main event of the evening, because no one follows it. It is the high point of the night, and Taker’s match with Triple H at WM17 has been called one of the best of Taker’s matches. So I will be excited to watch this one, as far as the winner goes, you would have to be a fool to go with anyone but Undertaker.

Brando: Taker’s streak started some 20 years ago at WrestleMania 7. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen every WM since they started back in ’85. Damn I sort of miss the days when it took six months for Mania to hit VHS. Anyway, I’ve witnessed HBK/Taker I in person at WM 25 and damn near had my stomach ripped out last year watching HBK/Taker II. Seeing that this one is No Holds Barred (again), I’m running with Taker as there may be only one money match left for Taker at the big show and that’s with Cena. Does the streak ever end? No. Taker sits that thing up at 20-0 and then hangs them up, hopefully.

Match 8: World Heavyweight Championship – Alberto Del Rio (2011 Royal Rumble Winner) vs. Edge (c)
The Buildup: Del Rio won the 2011 Royal Rumble back in January, giving him the right to choose who he main evented against in Atlanta. Since he was on Smackdown, he chose Edge and the Bentley driving Aristocrat has been playing slight mind games with the champion, saying all along that it was his destiny to win the World Championship. With Christian getting put through the ringer courtesy of Del Rio’s armbar, expect him to play a prominent role in this one.

BG: This match I don’t feel should be the main event, but this is how it always goes with the winner of the Royal Rumble and the World Champion. I used to not be a big fan of Edge’s work but I think this Del Rio dude is a total douche and I also think that they will end the night with a fan favorite winning. I wouldn’t believe that Del Rio would pull out a win against Edge anyways at WrestleMania, especially because Christian will be in Edge’s corner to keep things in order.

Brando: SWERVE~! There’s no possible way they have two heels walk out of Mania as the champ. It just doesn’t work like that and if it does then obviously the WWE is in an awkward spot when it comes to top dog status. Anyway, this might be sandwiched in between the other title match and the Streak match but it’s Del Rio’s swagged out destiny to win the title and while Edge was the challenger as a Rumble winner a year ago to Chris Jericho, he’ll take the L this year as champion. Del Rio wins via Christian-ference.

Match 9: WWE Championship – John Cena vs. The Miz (c)
The Buildup: The Miz can thank John Cena for turning him into a serious threat to win titles and when he won the WWE title last year, the world was his for the taking. Since John Cena couldn’t win the Royal Rumble, he won his way to Mania via the Elimination Chamber match. While Miz v. Cena doesn’t exactly have spice, why don’t you add the real beef between company man Cena and arguably the most popular wrestler in the history of the company, the host of Wrestlemania 27 … The Rock?

BG: This is a match that confuses me. It seems that they have spent more time building a feud between The Rock and Cena, than building the feud between Cena and Miz. Somehow I know that Rock will interfere but I’m not exactly sure how yet, but I can guarantee he just won’t be a “host” during the match. As far as Miz and Cena goes, I will go with Miz, just because the angle with The Rock and Cena. But you know McMahon has always been known for saying that “you will never know what will happen at WrestleMania!”, so we could see The Rock walk out of ATL, with the WWE Championship.

Brando: Here’s your REAL main event and the one they should have built upon which would be Cena vs. Rock. However since Rock isn’t technically a full-time wrestler anymore, he’ll be on the outside making some sort of noise. Somebody will get the People’s Elbow, Cena will get his comeuppance from Monday and get a Rock Bottom and for some strange reason, I have to agree with Gilmore and say The Rock, not Cena, not The Miz will win his 8th WWE title at the end of the night. Cause if Cena has another run with the belt and there’s no heel turn attached to it then obviously the WWE is lost.