I’ll say this much: wrestling hasn’t been this eventful on Mondays since I was in middle school. The creative peak of the WWE hit in 2001 and now some ten years later we have probably the best built WrestleMania card since WM X-7 (or 17 for those who weren’t hip back then.

Now, all signs point towards an altercation between The Rock & John Cena. If you need a rewind as into why these two are at each others throats then you can start here, move here and then end up here. Needless to say when they finally met face to face in Anti-Cena Chicago, the roof came off when the Rock arrived and stayed off the moment Cena decided to crash the party of Team Bring It.

Of course Rock talked and sounded like a Presidential speech willing to be heard (sorry Barack) and of course Cena looked like a complete fool with the awkward “race card” argument but then The Miz came through and as Jim Ross would say, “All Hell Broke Loose”.

Now, the ending of the clip is going to irk the hell out of Team Bring It even though it showed that while Rock still has it, he’s still a bit rusty in whipping somebody’s ass. By putting The Miz down with a People’s Elbow, the idea that Rock v. Cena had to happen was well understood. When Cena lifted Rock up to deliver an F-U, you could hear the boos from all over the country. Does the WWE do the unthinkable and turn Cena heel at the biggest show of the year? A betting man would say no but obviously Cena is going to get a Rock Bottom out of this Sunday. It has to happen.

Elsewhere, HHH and The Undertaker proved that you CAN make people forget a match that happened ten years ago and was pretty great. Adding in Shanw Michaels to drive the point home added a little more drama to the spectacle, including Shawn want to kick the demons out of the Deadman only to be stopped.

Any time your best friend tells you that you can’t do something obviously drives your ambition through the roof. Having arguably the greatest wrestler of all time tell you such a thing should make you worry but knowing Trips, he’ll do everything in his power to even try to kill Taker before it’s all said and done Sunday. Which begs the question: who’s hosting the Wrestlemania watch party?