Here’s hoping Wale’s upcoming appearance Friday at the University of Houston yields far better results than his last visit to the H. UH’s Frontier Fiesta is normally the biggest organized thing the campus does in the spring semester and they’ve cranked out big names before such as Clipse last year and notable regional acts in years previous.

The way Frontier Fiesta works is simple. The entire campus and surrounding areas take over Roberston Stadium and the surrounding areas (roughly enough for 40,000 people) for three days of carnival games, food & live concerts. Friday night (March 25th) is major concert night and that’s where the majority of the attention will be spent throughout the event.

The group you may need to pay attention to moreso than anyone else on this bill would be 220 Music. Escalator Up and the crew have been diligent at work trying to make for a memorable performance. No disrespect to anyone else on the bill as The Niceguys always bring it when it comes to live shows, same for the incomparable Mr. Wade but my attention differs from others and I expect the unknowns to become knowns in these sort of events.

By the way, did I fail to mention that the event is absolutely free? Yes, DJ Mr. Rogers will be in the mix to keep the party going all night as well so there’s no real reason to miss out on this. Well, unless you’re a lame and you’re still trying to recover your ankles and feet from SXSW if you went.