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This was to be expected. After yesterday’s interview with Robin Roberts caused the R&B singer to go into a tirade afterwards breaking a window and walking out of the building with his shirt off, he appeared on 106 & Park today to explain what happened. Of course he apologized but the damage is done.

The scandal of him beating Rihanna before the Grammy Awards back in 2009 won’t be erased from his past and he’ll never be the victim in this situation. Media will allow her to move on from it but he had better be aware that ANY media personality whether it be a news reporter or a journalist looking for his first big story will have the thought of bringing the “incident” up in the back of their heads. Saying you’ve let go of your anger issues and then flip out after an interview really does show you’ve changed, right?

Regardless, it’s promo work for Breezy’s fourth studio album F.A.M.E. which is in stores right now.

[via mwp]