This may be cheating since I’m supposed to be telling you the entire story about how Freddie Gibbs came back to SXSW a year removed from his MVP performance at the Nah Right/Smoking Section show but there’s more to Freddie Gibbs than meets the usual, “Oh he’s a rapper from harsh conditions” life. In a matter of months, Gibbs has gone from the Gary IN to LA transplant into a ubiqutious star, one that easily has a female fanbase as evident of his work at this year’s Nah Right/TSS show and could fill out a sports column all on his own with his dose of realism.

Saturday night on my last day of SXSW coverage, I was hip onto a Gibbs show at FUZE with a friend of mine so we trekked downward, anticipating one of of hip-hop’s most glowing acts. While waiting outside, we met both of Gibbs right hand men Arch Bonkers and Lambo, both of whom have their own stories of Gibbs that breed along the lines of serious comedy and honesty. There are certain things you can say around Freddie as everyone seems to believe the lanky Indiana emcee is one of the more unapproachable artists in the genre. There’s only one word you can’t ever toss in Freddie Gibbs direction otherwise, expect the worst.

By the time we entered the venue and saw Arch rocking the ESGN t-shirt I wanted to covet, Alchemist & OhNo (collectively known as GangGrene) were rocking the Decon showcase. The crowd got a little antsy waiting for the man they obviously came to see and when Gibbs arrived at the venue, faces perked up. However, those same faces dropped when a slew of people began rushing downstairs from the artist hang upstairs and word broke that Gibbs wasn’t performing. According to him, security bullshit was the reason and given the actions of security throughout plenty of different SXSW venues – I didn’t blame him.

But if you’ve never seen Gibbs live then its pretty hard to describe. It’s like a foul mouth preacher who might be found shirtless running around with an amazing double timed cadence preaching the gospel of the streets and weed life. Houston gets its chance to see Gibbs on April the 1st along with Big K.R.I.T., Mookie Jones & Smoke DZA at Warehouse Live.

Til then, have some Gibbs for your listening and visual pleasure.

– Live performance of “Kush & Leather” w/ L.E.P. Bogus Boys at the Perfect Attendance showcase at SXSW 2011

– Video for “How I Feel” featuring D-Edge

DOWNLOAD: Mexicans With Guns – Highway To Hell (f. Freddie Gibbs & Bun B) | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Pulled Over By The Cops (Chuck Inglish, Freddie Gibbs & Chip Tha Ripper) – Authority (f. Nate Santos) | Mediafire

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