Rapper’s are known for voicing their opinions, this is no secret. One thing I don’t like as a rapper, is when in an interview situation, I have to stick with whatever the interviewer asks. I can’t just go, and speak freely on any subject I want. So, I’ve decided to start a new weekly article here on Day & A Dream called, Rapper’s Rant. This will be a platform where an artists can finally say anything the want. Anything that peeves them about the genre, the trends, a venue that they have a problems with, another rapper that they have a had problems with, a political issue, ANYTHING. So here we go this is the Rapper’s Rant.

Ranting Rapper: John Dew

Who could possibly be rapping about balling in their rhymes and actually mean it, unless you come from “old money” you have to be fronting. But why such a change in the lifestyle? The economy has everyone one edge, some more than others. We have an influx of rappers who were attention deprived as children so now they seek it in the form of a limelight. The only problem with being a rapper today is, since the landscape of America has changed how could your flow (lyrical content) possibly still be the same. Evolution is key in the process of longevity. Our market in the US has hit rock bottom, and these days it’s hard to have a musical career and thrive monetarily because of the over population of rappers.  Not to mention all the “pay to play” shows going on from city to city around the world selling rappers dreams.

There is a myriad of social, economical, and not to forget spiritual battles going on daily in America. We have so many different agendas to fulfill and pockets to lace that we cant seem to get out of the rut we are in. And here we stand as rappers with the opportunity to not only voice our opinion, but to actually be influential in the changes that must ensue. The days of Malcolm & Martin are far behind us, and that makes us become satisfied and feel that the fight must be over (forgetting why they were MURDERED). We must now teach our communities the importance of owning businesses and keeping the money in the community. We have to change the culture, the power of words is something we never talk about, but our grandmothers taught us from childhood that there is power in our tongue. We are all interested in trying to make it out this economy, so I implore us to all be proactive in the fight. To all the men in the world, it is definitely time to step up, and for the record being a MAN is a hard thing so don’t expect it to just be a cinch. We have to take back our homes, then community, and then be educated. If you are unaware of the ways of business don’t be afraid to take a business class, or read a book (not easy if you’re not used to it). We have to change the things we promote in music, especially now more than ever.

We can strive as a Hip Hop community, much like the Asian, Hispanic, or Jewish communities have cultural traditions that allow their family to be prosperous we have to adapt and change our culture as well. We are the difference makers, use our arena to make a difference, stop letting the mainstream control your content, and keep in mind you don’t own your music when you let them tell you what to make. Make the music that speaks to your heart, not just what is hot at the time or…..fail. Political-time Johnny signing off.