Obviously inspired by Juwan Howard’s “cabbage patch” from the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on the Fab Five, Dwyane Wade took to the court a few nights ago to catch up on a little magic of his own. Of course things didn’t go completely as planned in the MIA as the Heat dropped the game to the Oklahoma City Thunder by eleven.

The loss is obviously what we’re not spotlighting but instead it’s Wade turning into his player model on NBA 2k11 and using the cheese spin dunk move to get to the rim. Now, watching it in 2K usually results in said dunk becoming a little weak afterward but Wade used Kendrick Perkins, newly minted Thunder member and he of the wake up with a scowl face twenty four seven.

Having Wade bust out the cabbage patch and mouth that “We Gon’ Shock The World!” ala Howard was a nice touch. Would have been better if they got the win but instead we’ll be talking about this ferocious dunk.