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The original lead off for this particular recap would have stated that Blu, the hard working Johnson Barnes from California and J*DaVey, the electronic funk duo comprising of Brook D’Leau and the incomparable Miss Jack Davey delivered a hell of a show sans drums for One Mic Houston’s Pre-SXSW event.

But around 2:45 AM on a Wednesday morning, Blu delivered the final verses to some of the material from his upcoming NoYork LP produced by Flying Lotus to a crowd that resembled more of secret show assembly than massive throng that came in droves to see him. In a night were all sorts of technical difficulties occurred, having both of your headliners pulled over in Arizona by the United States Border Patrol has to top the list.


Sometime en route between their schedule date in Phoenix, Arizona, Blu & J*DaVeY’s tour bus was pulled over by the Border Patrol in a form of a routine traffic checkpoint apparently. Patrol happened to find illegal narcotics or wares on the bus and immediately detained all of the people on the bus for about two hours. Thanks to Twitter, all three major parties including Def Sound were able to get the word out, leaving the shows promoters to scramble and stall adequately enough for the show to go on.

Despite that, the crowd who did manage to stay were treated to a short but very crisp show. J*DaVeY touched on “Quicksand” from their latest Evil Christian Cop EP as well as one of Boudoir Synema’s most pulsating tracks in “Crawl” and earned themselves a few new fans despite the elongated wait. My curious eye noticed one particular fan missing, as a concert goer brought his six year old daughter from Austin to come see the band since he didn’t want to be caught up in the crowd at South By Southwest. Bummer.

Although it was quite ironic that a fan had stayed for the duration of the wait and ran into Brandun Deshay and got her shoe signed. Her main goal? To get her breasts signed by Blu.

Before the J*DaVey & Blu mishap that pulled the show well behind its predetermined schedule there were a slew of notable opening acts. Ro Spit from Detroit by all account looks like a close relative of comedian Affion Crockett but reps Detroit to the absolute fullest.

He isn’t afraid to party however as he won over a gaggle of girls in the front row to do his infamous “Shake The Haters Off My Dick” dance which if you’ve never seen it resembles a black power fist into the wop. An interesting segue way to alternative rock band MANTIS as lead man Nick Greer pulled out everything in his bag of tricks, including the giant bowtie from the “Money” video to deliver an impressive set , complete with full keyboard and lights backing him.

The main act willing to go all out for this particular event would be the South East Beast Doughbeezy, a risier in the Houston scene if we’ve never pointed this out to you and probably the lone man who without haste told us in the crowd during the long break  before J*DaVeY took the stage that he would ask The DJ Don to throw a beat on and he’d rap for the hell of it. With microphone problems abound, Dough didn’t waste any time getting into his hits, leading off with “Backstabbers” and “Hi Hater”, even giving a Jay-Z injected remix to his “H.A.M. Freestyle”. The only thing missing was Kirko Bangz to smirk at the line Dough dropped mentioning his name.

When the sets transitioned into John Dew’s performance, hasHBrown who had been the nights master of ceremonies turned into hypeman and Dew brought raw energy to a crowd that started to get antsy about whether or not Blu or J*DaVey were going to appear. The finale of “Richman” proved that STJ had a definite hit on his hands and that his well under the radar Summertime Johnny V1.9 release should be getting more attention from the press than it is. Yes, I’m man enough to admit that.

Ever the court jesters of Houston hip-hop, The Niceguys brought their usual bravado and showmanship to the stage, easing through their set with a surprise appearance from jack Freeman, faulty microphones notwithstanding. It even broke down to the point where Cristolph & Free had a mini comedy session as Candlestick had to fix the turntables. Needless to say, in a night of errors, smiles were to be had and thankfully a makeup date with J*DaVeY has been scheduled for this upcoming Sunday.