For a few months now, Miss Aiko’s name has been popping up on numerous projects, notably for Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q. However, the majority of the world started asking questions when an old Drake track “July” was released a few years ago.

Powered by the lead single “Hoe” featuring Miguel, Aiko’s debut album is one of the sought after projects that delivers on its hype. The songbird breezes her way through with little to no interference from others or outside help. Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

01. The Beginning
02. Stranger
03. Hoe (f. Miguel)
04. July (f. Drake)
05. My Mine
06. Popular
07. Real Now (f. Lite, HOPE & Roosevelt)
08. Sailing Not Selling (f. Kanye)
09. Do Better Blues (f. HOPE)
10. Higher
11. You vs. Them
12. Space Jam
13. Growing Apart Too (f. Kendrick Lamar & HOPE)

DOWNLOAD: Jhené Aiko – .sailing soul(s).

[via Jhené]

10 Responses

  1. Ms.Muthafuckin'Me

    She has come a LONG way from being “Lil’ Fizz’s cousin.” Kuddos to her and this great work.

  2. Typo-Critical

    Gotta admit – I’m LOVING the stream of R&B I’ve had access to this March. First Ambrosius, now this Jhene Aiko. I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Muthaf*ckin’ Me above me… and Kendrick Lamar made a fan out of me with his appearance.

    Now, if this could just reach radio… because, umm, “Do Better Blues” definitely needs them public spins. We don’t have songs like that anymore.


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