Charting the local growth of SF2’s “Kickback Sundays” event and it honestly has few parallels. The event originally started as a simple mixer with the normal college sentiments of beer & pizza and then funneled out into a proving ground for up and coming local emcees. With growth begets change.

This Sunday might be the biggest one to date, an open spot for a performer to be on the Longhorn Hip-Hop Showcase at SXSW. They also have an additional showcase featuring Trae Tha Truth, Pill, Skewby, Eskabel, The League of Extraordinary Gz, and more. While the motto of “go hard or go home” may be clichéd, it has indeed become the motto of one of the shop’s owners, a woman by the name of Teresa  or as she’s affectionately referred to by many who drop in either north or south SF2 location – T Money, Mommy, etc.

The way Kickback Sundays normally works is that there is a sign up sheet at the venue’s given location for the night (this week is at Avani Lounge on Hilcroft). Within minutes, people flock to a small piece of paper the same way zombies feast upon a helpless white woman in a horror movie. First come first serve and rappers normally keep their respective crews & weed carriers on standby to sign them up.

Recently stepping into the store for Tawn P’s lovely mixer (there’s a story behind that I’ll touch on tomorrow) and Teresa and one of the store’s more vocal aids, Suga were in heavy promo mode for the event and a flyer essentially read like the Holy Scroll to any up & coming rapper looking for an instant 15 minutes of shine. The winner receives a thousand dollars in cash, six free instrumentals from notable Houston producers such as DJ Mr. Rogers and CyFyre, a photo shoot, a website, a mixtape hosted by GO DJ Mankind, magazine feature, etc.

It’s like the Rap Gods are willing to give one rapper who has confidence and bars the chance to be famous. The spotlight has shined brightly on artists such as Doughbeezy, KAB Tha Don, KDogg (who won a slot two weeks ago to be on the SXSW bill headlined by ESG) and more. The local rap ecosystem flocks to these events, showing out for pure camaraderie as well to promote themselves.

The pure irony of an event like Kickback Sunday is that its even open to parity. Just last week, the local Twitter scene was ablaze over the identity of its latest winner and even generated a little controversy by alleging that someone used lyrics from Joe Budden himself to attempt advancement through the competition. While it was a novel idea playing into the idea that the city may be completely unaware of Budden aside from “Pump It Up”, people knew and the rumor quickly subsided.

With one spot left, the competition will grit their teeth squeezing into the Avani Lounge looking for their chance in the spotlight. The only true fact to come from tonight’s proceedings is this: you will know who stole the crown and punched their ticket into the Super Bowl of Texas rap events. The only question knows who that man or woman will be.

Which is the beauty of the event to begin with.

For more info visit the SF2 Media Groups official page here.