With her dreadlocks swinging back and forth, Tawn P can easily be considered the pint sized version of a Tasmanian devil while n a microphone. We’ve seen her in person and came away thoroughly impressed, even spotlighted her with a small sampler to give people an idea of who she was and what she brought to the table.

Then her feature on Dante Higgins’ “Lauryn Hill Stickup” occurred. In all honesty, there hasn’t been a feature on one song in Houston in the past year that immediately told me, “I need to check for this with the absolute quickness.” Tawn not only impressed, it may be the one track I’m saddened by that doesn’t make The Wake Up Kiss. However, plenty of quality does lie on Tawn’s first official mixtape, mixed by The DJ Don (producer of Pro’s World from Propain’s Depature), including the lone leak from the project, “I Will Not Lose”.

Dante Higgins returns the favor from “Lauryn Hill Stick Up” on “Brand New”, T.H.E.M. representative John Dew shows up for a little Erykah Badu tinged inspiration on “Window Seat”, O.N.E. highlights the posse cut “Battle Ground” featuring Karta Royale & Treshawn and up & comers Tonie Dee, J Wall & Devunta bring out the best in Tawn and that controlled, dynamite flow of her shines throughout. Houston has a female emcee hub that has gone largely unnoticed, time to wake them up.

Stream x Download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Tawn P – The Wake Up Kiss