The difference between Mo City emcee Delo’s Hood Politics and its follow up Hood Politics Vol. 2: Acknowledgment is timing. On HP1, Delo tried to shove everything he had in his heart out the world without trimming some of the fat. HP2 on the other hand is tightly wound, perfectly curtailed with features from Jack Freeman, Propain and Devin the Dude.

Live, Delo is automatically a must see. He’s a fire breather, one of the actual lyricists in the city who relies strictly on the strength of his pen and his pad. Few would actually cover the topic of raising a child which isn’t their own like Delo does on “Khloe” and few will be as boastful and braggadocios about repping the city within a city as Delo proclaims on “Back In My City”. To easily proclaim HP2 the tape that should make you recognize Delo’s prowless is still a disservice to someone who has been working harder and harder to even get to this small spectrum here.

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DOWNLOAD: Delo – Hood Politics Vol. 2: Acknowledgment