Hollywood is over run with people who like to stick their feet in multiple avenues. The same can be said for hip-hop as weird is getting cherished in the same way Duke basketball cherishes those without sketchy records or any skill that resembles NBA superstardom (sorry Grant Hill). While checking up on Community last Thursday night, my face looked at the show’s humorous student, Troy and then put two and two together.

Troy is Donald Glover, who is also known around small circles in hip-hop as Childish Gambino. The question of whether or not he’s a legitimate emcee to me at least was proven on “Freaks & Geeks” the lead single from his Childish Gambino EP. Donald makes the normal references a young rapper looking for shock and a bit of swag would make: plenty about his dick along with a few witty punchlines here and there. Since he’s a comedian, you can easily come to terms with the fact he can form a punchline and deliver it with solid effect. Timing is everything with a punchline and Glover knows how to put them together with relative ease.

You can download the Childish Gambino EP here as well as hit the bottom of the page for the visual to “Freaks & Geeks” as well the dates for his upcoming tour (he’s in Houston in May). At least his mix of comedy and musicianship should turn out more like Jamie Foxx’s and less like Katt Williams.

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