The Big East Tournament, full encompasses everything about NCAA Basketball that you can love. For starters, it pits arguably the best teams in the nation against one another for a week to prove who can be conference champion, there are a few moments of sublime basketball, a sprinkle of dramatics and to top it all off, it’s played at the most hallowed of basketball arenas, Madison Square Garden.

Today, the Big East made up for its black eye of terrible officiating during the Rutgers/St. John game and gave us UCONN/Pittsburgh. What would have made for a great final instead was reserved for the quarterfinals. As fate would have it, the game was deadlocked late in the second half when UCONN called on their star guard Kemba Walker to send them back to their hotel rooms with another W.

Walker missed his initial opportunity but a key rebound and timeout by the Huskies gave him new life. Then, running a switch, UCONN masterfully let their skilled swingman go one-on one with Gary McGhee, Pitts’ center and the closest thing to Wacka Flocka we have playing basketball. Needless to say, someone got hurt and the legend of Mr. Walker grew yet again.