It is not ironic to make the statement that “Time Machine” makes the most sense to Big K.R.I.T. and to his legion of fans. K.R.I.T. lays down for classic soul and ethereal production layered in vocals and heavy bass. With a little Ant Banks inspiration lumped in for good measure, the Mississippi native has curated a sound that was championed back in the South in the mid-90s. Its deeply entwined in funk and if it wasn’t for invention, Krizzle the Jordan Spizike king would merely be a regional superstar instead of a man on the verge of putting together back to back classics appreciated from coasts to coasts.

What UGK slowly fought for when Super Tight and Ridin’ Dirty dropped, Return of 4eva hopes to tackle with a full head of steam.

Also even though we didn’t touch on the trailer for “Dreamin'”, I figure now would be just as good to remind people of how powerful that song is as well.

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – Time Machine | Mediafire