Music does have a place for higher learning. With newfound teachers such as Swizz Beatz and Bun B educating the youth on a variety of subjects, sitting back inside of a class room with a pen and a pad is as close to sublime as one may get. However, hearing a master of both music history and craftsmanship of a party proceed to educate the masses is that stage above sublime. It’s actual Nirvana.

Last Saturday, Questlove of The Roots came into town to educate people alongside Bun B for the Red Bull Music Academy inside of the House of Dereon Media Center. Hours later he would return, with a pair of turntables, some strong patience and enough records to keep a party going for five consecutive hours. With no breaks or letdowns at all.

School was in session.

Samples, breakbeats, records from Brand Nubian, rare Dilla joints, even tracks some goers wouldn’t dare hear on a radio or any sort of party in the state were used. The funky drummer with the Afro and the pic steady placed inside said locks of greatness kept it moving well past the 2 AM deadline the party was supposed to end.

As the crowd thinned out, most of whom probably were to find themselves inside of a church home Sunday morning, Quest thanked the crowd. Apparently he was nervous, a shock considering he kept a crowd of well over 300 people who had RSVP’d for the event in the fine mix of sweat and alcohol. To be honest, I don’t think Quest played a modern record as everything stayed in a time capsule where house parties were king and people actually got off of the walls and dropped their predisposed nature of being “too cool to sweat”.

The event was in such high demand that those attempting to RSVP for it on the day of were shut out due to capacity. Everyone had a great time, remarking in high volume over various social networks about how the party was the best one they had attended in years, decades for some.

With a little networking here and there, who knows maybe we can get Questlove back in Houston in some larger capacity.