If you’re in the downtown area tomorrow night make sure to stop by the House of Blues Bronze Peacock room for an intimate concert featuring Houston’s own Fat Tony, Rob Roy, Grrrl Parts and more. The last Creme de la Creme event was quite the interesting event as it felt like an old school house party. Select invites (meaning RSVP) allowed for a interesting crowd inside of the swanky Peacock and a couple of artists having to stand atop the fireplace inside of the room in order to have a make-shift stage.

Tickets are absolutely free as long as you RSVP with Dub Frequency for the event. As an added bonus since I believe half of the world is up on Fat Tony, why don’t we spotlight Rob Roy for you? The singer’s “Carmencita” video is equal parts sexy and inventive, adding pop art inside of the singer’s world after laying next to a shapely beauty.