Do I blame Chris Brown for silently going all out to promote his fourth album? I mean, bleaching your hair to look like one of the Golden Lords is one thing. Getting your Greg Oden on and having NSFW twitpics hit the net is another. Sticking strictly to the music, “Bomb” sees Breezy cross paths with the other lanky kid with tattoos with a make or break release on his hands: Wiz Khalifa.

The same formula Brown tweaked from “Look At Me Now” gets unleashed in full here. On a sprite piece of production, Brown pushes the “go” button on his sixteens, leaving the last verse solely for him to out rap Khalifa. While I wish certain artists would stick to certain lanes, Breezy doesn’t do a bad job behind the mic, easily impressing more than Wiz does. It blends out to be quite the decent ditty for Brown who’s F.A.M.E. hits shelves on March 22nd.

Chris Brown – Bomb (f. Wiz Khalifa) | Mediafire