Odd Future is diverse, this we’ve already covered and nearly beaten to death. If the raspy inflections of Tyler, The Creator and HodgyBeats isn’t your cup of tea then allow us to introduce you to the R&B man in the collective, Frank Ocean. Does he sing about anything worth taking home to mom? Well, you’d have to clean it up but his Nostalgia, Ultra album has been floating around the Twitter webs and has spread like wildfire.

Ocean covers plenty on this project, including his “cover” of MGMT’s “Electric Feel”. It’s one of the most soulful projects out at the moment, especially for someone with as much youth as Ocean does. Sample of “Novacane” down below, tracklist x download link after the jump.

01. Street Fighter
02. Strawberry Swing
03. Novacane
04. We All Try
05. Bitches Talkin’
06. Songs For Women
07. Lovecrimes
08. Goldeneye
09. There Will Be Tears
10. Swim Good
11. Dust
12. American Wedding
13. Soul Calibur
14. Nature Feels

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra (Album)