MessenjahMatt continues to impress with his re-workings of NBA 2k11 and its chief figure, Michael Jordan. While many would frown upon the Jordan of today and his style choice, no one can deny the mastery of Jordan on the court. Or his virtual counterpart. I remember many of these games growing up, especially the ones after Jordan came back from being an average baseball player.

Thank the Gods for NBA 2k11 to even touch on some of these moments. I wonder what are they going to do when it comes time for Kobe to get his just due (cause he will, let’s not kid ourselves) and there’s a mode where you have to outscore the entire team through three quarters (the Kobe 62, Mavericks 61 game) or the infamous 81-point game against Toronto.

Just for shits and giggles, do you have to go 6-24 to win the achievement for the 5th title? I’m curious.