The moment the piano keys were ran through on “Neva Mediocre”, Affiliated Soldierz had my attention. Sometime it takes specific chords being strung, sometimes it takes a mixture of hard hitting lyrics with a neck snapping instrumental. MoCity Maddness Vol. 1: Ulterior Motives curates the highs and lows of a small city who believes its bigger than itself and the men who inhabit it. From “Let Em Know” featuring L.A. Fre$h & Ill RaN to “Street Life” featuring Show, the duo refuses to flinch under the pressure that Mo City can bring. They may not be the most whirlwind lyricists but they can paint a vivid picture about what actually goes on that the camera crews don’t necessarily show. With features from Show, Dante Higgins, Dee-Wreck, Mug of Boss Hogg Outlaws, Will Lean & Big Boss E, the Affiliated Soldierz come well rounded, ready to play the reporters that the city may be lacking.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Affiliated Soldierz – MoCity Maddness Vol. 1: Ulterior Motives

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