Above is the trailer for the latest Tyler Perry movie, “Madea’s Big Happy Family”. If you haven’t been around these parts for the past month or so, we’ve been beating you up the head with images that desecrate modern film history. Yes, there’s another one with Perry spoofing True Grit but I’ll leave it alone since we now have moving picture f*ckery to deal with.

I’m not going to ask why Teyana Taylor is holding Bow Wow’s baby … or why I can’t believe I even wrote that last sentence since it exists. I’m also not going to ask why we’re still stealing Chris Tucker’s bit from Rush Hour thinking its still funny. I’m NOT even going to tell you why Perry insists on driving a car through a fast food restaurant over the place running out of ham. What, had it been chicken would it be over the top Mr. Perry?

Oh, even Idris Elba had something to say about TP and his film making abilities, even though he starred in Perry’s “Daddy Little Girls”. You know, the movie where he plays the decent black father for a change and Gabby Union plays the lawyer who doesn’t research her client enough to know that he went to jail for 8 years for rape. Oh no, she falls for him the moment he takes his shirt off for her mid-conversation.