Top Dawg Entertainment’s leading hook lady has her own project dropping on March 16th entitled .sailing soul(s). and the first leak from the project might be a little tongue in cheek. Aiko’s never been one to hold her tongue and her songbird voice has captured many ears with her poignancy. “Hoe” featuring Cali native Miguel Jontel (he of “All I Want Is You” fame). The sentiment Andre 3000 shared from The Love Below gets brought up here and Aiko states her case as a woman who actually knows what she wants and as a sexual being, who is to blame her? Had the roles been reversed, we would be championing him and what he does. Sometimes, a man loves a bold woman, confident enough to pull and leave the same ideas in the past.

Quick question, who lifted Gucci Mane’s verse from “Pretty Girls” just to round this bad boy out? Like I said, Ms. Aiko’s em>.sailing soul(s). drops March 16th and I’m certain she could sing the phonebook to me and I wouldn’t budge one bit.

DOWNLOAD: Jhene Aiko – Hoe (f. Miguel) | Mediafire