Reunions can either lead to better work or the possibility of things going sour. After listening to the winds for quite sometime around town, the small crew that was bubbling on a few radars is coming back together. While Dot Com was on the verge before the three chief members (Lil James, Jay-Von & Young Sea) went their separate ways, each member has conjured up a buzz on their own individual time.

When you hear the Dot Com drop all over Jay-Von’s latest leak, “In My Thoughts”, it isn’t for nostalgia purposes because it’s actually happening. Von’s smoked out flow compliments the equally laid back, Paper Plane esque production. With a slight mention towards blunts and attempts to covert famed Houston socialite Kody P to no avail, at least you know Von keeps his smoke obsession on a purely democratic level. #VonForMayor

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Von – In My Thoughts | Mediafire