So last Saturday was the 3rd speak event, the night featured a new format to the previous two speak shows, and at a new venue. Mango’s was the home of Speak 3 and the host/house DJ of the night was no one else but Fat Tony.

The night started with Tony playing some classic rap records, and the crowd started to pour in. Some of the members of the audience included Airborne, iLL LiaD, and Space City’s own Kris Krunk. Once the venue seemed rather full, the first act of the night Jon Dope, (whom I discovered through this very website), took the stage. He was a rather refreshing act with crazy energy, and lyricism, and a nice stage performance, including making it rain a few times with some counterfeit currency, and throwing some granny panties in the crowd while his hype-man humped the monitor.

DJ Fat Tony, warmed the crowd up for the next act, and he played classic dance-party records such as the Cha Cha Slide, and the Los Del Mar banger, the Macarena. After the crowd danced it up for 5 minutes or so, my favorite act in local Houston hip hop, Renzo took the stage. He opened up with a short speech followed by him playing the Internet mega-hit, Baracka Flocka Flame. He closed his set by first doing a nice acapella flow, and finishing with his signature, Drinkin’ and Driving, with some backing vocals from my 65 year old father singing the chorus with Renzo. Hey Renzo, “Your name is Toby!” – Fat Tony

The next two acts were of course 3-time S.P.E.A.K. veterans, my own band, Twenty Eleven, and A.d.D. along with a new set-up. With some help from our friend Tyler Bottema, we started our set with the song for all the girls from the south, 3rd Coast, and every time that (according to Houston Press), the next Usher, Dallas Jones took to the front of the stage, the same “pond of women”, would scream till their lungs gave out on them. We had a very good set a including “In Reality” with Fat Tony, and bringing back our crowd closer, “And They All Clap”, with some assistance of every girl in the venue coming on to the stage, and helping us clap (video posted below).

The night closed with A.d.D. in full Tour De France gear, taking the stage with his band, Banger. The 5-piece band rocked out playing the completely original songs, You and I, and Relax. A.D.D. was taking more of a Cudi roll by singing more than rapping, he seemingly would slip between his chest voice and his falsetto, and also rapping some of the realist lyrics that have come from the H*.

All and all the night was great and trying to play, run the show on time, and be sure to not miss anything for the review, was a little hectic and stressful, but it was worth the night. If you missed it be sure you check out S.P.E.A.K. 4.

*For those of you who don’t know, I personally think A.d.D. is the realest rapper/person that I know.

Also I will have a photo gallery for the show up soon!!