Can you shake your head at this or can you chalk it up to Donald Sterling being Donald Sterling? After all, this is the same man who heckled Baron Davis when he still was on the Clippers and about a week ago decided to send him to Cleveland for his troubles. Yes, Sterling’s that cruel. Plus when a guy is settling racial discrimination lawsuits the same way people are buying sneakers on Saturdays then you know that he’s literally the worst owner in sports.

Here’s the kicker from the ad. One thousand underprivileged kids will get into the Clippers game vs. the Rockets for free. How do you determine being underprivileged? Do you have your parents bring in a check stub, proof of Section 8 housing? How? I mean, we’re talking about Sterling here so obviously he might be the only man in America that believes February has 30 or 31 days in it.

Another strange black eye on the most cursed franchise in the NBA.