Anthem music and Austin, Texas normally don’t go hand to hand. If you were to take a glance at the state capitol of Texas, the only thing that would emit from it would be the University of Texas fight song.

All apologies to Bevo, I’m officially running with “We Gon’ Make It” by The League of Extraordinary Gz as my official anthem whenever I travel through the 512. Its inspirational & gritty, a healthy mixture of common denominator raps coupled with bluesy production.

Reggie Coby’s laid back demeanor about a come up gives way to Esbe the 6th Street Bully’s agitated flip out and venting. From in front of a one room house to the prep station at Subway, everyone wants out of their current situation and possibly achieve something greater. The LOEGz utilize not only themselves but the inhabitants of the great city to explain themselves and motives. They’re going to make it – they have to.

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