The discussion for the evening was to be about whether or not rap belonged in church, which is as layered and thick a topic as one can reasonably conceive. Naturally, it was the very first question that Bun B posed to the panel, with Pastor Rudy’s responding first that that yes, it does, inasmuch as gospel belongs in the club. There certainly aren’t any mutual exclusivities in either setting, but the proprietors of both the church and the club recognize what people expect to hear when attending either.

From there, the discussion splintered off into several smaller, more specific, and considerably more poignant conversations. The general premise was that both rap and the church are tasked with being expressive of the community, and that both are, at times, not fully adept at handling that responsibility.

There were a couple of moments when the feedback from the microphones was quite abrasive. It’s nearly impossible for something to not go right inside of a church and not have a handful of people make “Oh, Jesus must be pissed right now” jokes.

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