Oh I haven’t loved wrestling this much since the mid 2000s.

If you haven’t heard, The Rock is back in wrestling. Nobody knows how long or if it will lead to a match but The Great One came back with a vengeance ripping into John Cena last Monday. The event was so decimating that Cena dropped his PG superhero act for one night and got back into the Thuggonomics character that dropped an album with Freddie Foxxx.

Yes, once upon a time John Cena was a wise cracking rapper who actually had bars and had a throwback jersey collection that was close to legendary. Needless to say, this is when everyone actually liked Cena and it was more than just little kids. Now, Cena and Rock have a legit beef over Rock turning his back on wrestling and not giving the business its proper respect.

Oh yeah, the gloves come off.

Still, a rapping John Cena will lose in a verbal one on one with the catchphrase machine that is The Rock. But that wasn’t the only incident that happened last night that may make you order Vince McMahon’s baby. For weeks fans knew The Undertaker was set to return (yet again) but the surprise guest near the end made the return even more tantalizing.

So needless to say, with Trips back and possibly looking to avenge Shawn Michaels’ back-to-back Wrestlemania losses to The Undertaker as well as his own, this might be the most hyped WM card since 2004’s supposed great card of Brock Lesnar/Goldberg & Triple H facing Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit.

Oh and I’m hearing winds of Stone Cold being there too?