Education is a privilege. It’s the one thing your parents & grandparents stress that you achieve in order to survive in the world. I know this because although I’ve obtained the minimum requirement of a high school diploma, I’m still pissed at myself for wasting a way to obtain my college degree in a timely fashion. With many members of the hip-hop community with such a strong tie to education whether it be through the youth or in universities, the story of Detroit’s Pubic School system has gone quiet.

John Gotty of The Smoking Section described the city as an equal mix of “The Wire & WSHH” and as much as we may laugh at “It’s So Cold In The D”, realize that its serious. Earlier, we reported that the city was planning on closing half of its public school’s due to budget constraints and yesterday – they approved that notion.

The state of Michigan approved a plan for Detroit to close about half of its public schools and increase the average size of high-school classrooms to 60 students over the next four years to eliminate a $327 million deficit.

The plan was submitted in January by Robert Bobb, Detroit Public Schools’ emergency financial manager, as a last-ditch scenario if the district couldn’t find new revenue sources, which it hasn’t so far. Final approval came after Mike Flanagan, the state superintendent of public instruction, cleared Mr. Bobb’s initial plan with some new requirements, including that the district not file for bankruptcy protection during Mr. Bobb’s remaining months in office.

If you treated Detroit as more than “just” another American city and spotlighted it in the same fashion the media happens to use these countries in turmoil in Africa and parts of the Middle East, maybe people will care more. But how in the world can a high school teacher teach sixty plus kids, most of whom haven’t been properly given a decent education to survive for the future?

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