While I may blame Aubrey Graham for introducing Moscato to the national conscious and nobody really looking into it as a wine and nothing more, I still don’t blame anyone for actually partaking of the stuff. It’s rather smooth and if placed in the right setting and right mood, it’s a real jump starter.

If Kendrick Lamar’s “P&P 1.5” from (O)verly(D)edicated is a little stronger spirit than you may need then the feature artist on that particular ditty Ab-Soul smooths it out on “Moscato”. Both Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar glide through the production with a few laid back twisters swimming in the waves of liquor and nobody should be ashamed at that. Get the right concoction and you’ll feel so enthralled that you could take somebody’s girlfriend & her girlfriend and play addition & subtraction.

Just get the right bottle, y’know?

DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul – Moscato (f. Kendrick Lamar) | Mediafire

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