If you didn’t know, Yves Saint of The Niceguys is a New Yorker. He lives and I do mean lives for New York Knickerbocker basketball and like most of the country, is probably fed up with all of the talk about Carmelo Anthony possibly joining the Knicks via a trade by Thursday’s deadline.

I ran into him at Check Other Outfitters this past Thursday and of course it came up but I waited to hear his full answer in his SLAM column. Oh, you didn’t know the NYC to HTX spitter played author as well? Sorry did you not hear the lyrics to any one song from The Show? Anyway, let me step down so Yves and flash his Empire State tattoo and speak his peace on the matter.

We have players whom we haven’t seen enough of yet, and we don’t know for sure the true character of this team. My main desire is to get back to the Playoffs. Win or lose, New York needs to feel Playoff basketball again. I want to see who will step up and who will fall back. I want to see and feel an MSG home court advantage again. And I want to see the players that we have now do it. I can’t bear reading headline after headline about the Knicks’ efforts to reel ‘Melo in. Who says he can handle NY? Who says he will like playing for NY? Hell, who says he won’t be the best thing to hit NY ever?These are uncertainties. I am a firm believer in the mantra, “You are what you think.” If you think it enough it will become you. Rather, you will become it. However you see fit to word it is fine, but the point is that all of this is a distraction from what I hope the Knicks organization is once again trying to become.

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