These weird tattoo stories are beginning to become the death of me. Seriously. I’m going to start telling all my friends with clear verbiage that I listen to nothing but woodwind instruments because this sh*t right here is going to stop. In no way, shape or form should anyone consult Gucci Mane for advice. Not for chapstick brands, dealings with the police and for damn sure not on what to get tattooed on your face.

Maybe Yung LA’s going through some things since he was dropped from Grand Hustle. Let HipHopDX tell you the rest of the story since obviously I may snap and question what in the blue hell is going on in Atlanta for dudes to be getting kiddie sh*t inked on their faces.

When T.I. finishes his prison sentence this fall, his Grand Hustle label will be short one member—Yung LA. The Atlanta rapper, best known for the T.I. and Young Dro collaboration “Ain’t I,” confirmed a split from Grand Hustle during a viral video that featured him getting a pink duck and several colored teardrops tattooed on his face.

“With the breakup and me not doing business with Grand Hustle anymore, it’s a lot of controversy in the streets,” LA said. “It’s just a new day for me. I’m trying to do what’s best for me and what’s best for my career.” Yung LA will apparently be releasing material on his own Crush Da Block imprint, and he says his first order of business will be the Tattoos And Jewelry mixtape. “It’s gonna be one of my biggest mixtapes. I’m only giving out 10 songs.”

Biggest? You only had one hi – nevermind, I said I wouldn’t go in.

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