“A cheater must be more careful than a liar. A liar can remember little details and piece together a full story. A cheater must remember all the details to piece together a full story.”

That’s the subtle storyline going for the title track from The Foreign Exchange’s third album Authenticity. Although Phonte’s vocals seer towards a woman who doesn’t necessarily want an honest man but just a man to come home to at night, the video may actually tell a different tale. In the Matthew A. Cherry directed clip, our lead is a married womanizer, leaving at different times of the night to saunter off with different women who aren’t his bride to be. The temporal thrills of pleasure keep him entertained for a while but on one particular night everything chances. We’re not told exactly why but we can tell the truth – his realization of marriage & the damage he’s causing for the sanctity of his own gains means he’s going to lose in the end.

All is understood and forgiven as long as she doesn’t notice that ring being slipped back on your finger player. Phonte & Dutch producer Nicolay’s third project Authenticity is in stores now.