Are we lazy when it comes to recapping sporting events? No, of course not but since this weekend was so simple even the third-string groupie possibly snagged her someone in the D-League we decided to give you the clip show version of the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles.

Since there’s no real highlight in watching a skills competition (unless you want to know how Stephen Curry was in a compromising situation only Chris Hansen could save him from) or a Shooting Stars competition (well, aside from Coco Miller making the weekend’s best debut since Odd Future) or that the ordained three point shootout that Jesus Shuttlesworth lost (Miami’s James Jones beat both Ray Allen & Paul Pierce, meaning Miami beat Boston at something this season) – we’ll fast forward to the Rookie/Sophomore game, the Dunk Contest & the All-Star Game itself.

You know the stats (Kobe winning MVP with a 37 point, 14 rebound performance outdoing LeBron James’ triple double), the winners so obviously we’re here to feed your brain with pretty Youtube footage.

Celebrity Game:

Rookie/Sophomore Challenge:

Slam Dunk Contest:

All-Star Game: