Lil B’s mixtape output, based or not is something to marvel at at least from a consumer point of view. Not even a full month has passed since he graced the internet with yet another 676 song mixtape with no real title or theme drawn to it. Who are we to question Lil B when he was the main guy trying to keep Tom Anderson out of the pysche ward with his multiple MySpace pages?

Yeah, the Based God drops yet another mixtape on us, this one entitled Red Flame: Devil Music Edition. If “Wonton Soup” & “Ellen Degeneres” are the only things you’ve heard from the former Pack member, you might be a little surprised at his work on this latest effort.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

01. Don’t Let Me Die
02. Fake Family
03. Got The Mack Loaded
04. Illusions Of Granduer
05. Don’t Miss The Gems
06. Devil Music
07. Prayer To Music
08. Back To Back Target
09. Just A Movie
10. I Love You
11. Dior Denim

DOWNLOAD: Lil B The Based God – Red Flame (Devil Music Edition)