Highly conceptualized adverts have been Nike’s calling card for years now. They went subtle with Michael Jordan’s original ad for the Air Jordan I, got Steve Martin crazy when His Airness retired & have consistently topped themselves in not only marketing their top athletes but their high performance shoes.

With Kobe Bryant in tow, Nike has cornered the market on having both of the world’s best basketball players under one umbrella so each of their respective commercials are going to go all out in knocking off the other. With Robert Rodriguez giving the LA Mamba a little film advice, the duo create one of the most over the top commercials seen in recent memory, all for a pair of Zoom Kobe VIs.

Co-Starring Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis & Kanye West, Kobe Bryant Is The Black Mamba shows how high Nike will raise the bar in terms of advertisements, as well as sheer unintentional comedy and how dope Richard Rodriguez is as a director. The Easter Egg in the film: a preview of the Nike Air Yeezy 2s.