Don’t remember Sam Sneed? Take a listen to Snoop Dogg’s classic debut album Doggystyle and peep the skit “U Betta Recognize”. Yes, the skit has carried Sneed into legendary, “Whatever happened to him status” as the emcee from Pittsburgh who went West Coast during the Death Row heydays seemingly was either held back by the usual Death Row politics or something far more sinister.

Luckily for us, we still have the memories and on the actual “U Betta Recognize” track you can easily tell Sneed could have been a spitting image of Dr. Dre on the microphone, well back when Dre had verses written by esteemed ghostwriters and decided to dress in units way better than a tight leather jacket & some white AF1s. Dre’s sinister G-funk loop is the perfect backdrop for Sneed to prove to everyone that he wasn’t just known for a few quotables in a Snoop skit.