There are many things wrong with the headline above. There’s no possible way a team that had previously lost 36 of its last 38 games, lost one game by 55 points and are the NBA’s version of the Washington Generals should beat the 2-time defending NBA Champions.

But it happened.

When Ramon Sessions, NBA journeyman and multiple offender of the “I’ll only win awards in seasons of NBA 2k11” award busts your team up for 32 points off the bench, it’s time you sound the alarms. True, Pau Gasol going for 30 points & 20 rebounds should have said something and accounted for a W but all things considered, the Lakers should be enjoying this All-Star break more than anyone in the league. They’ve lost their last three games, have been playing on and off all season long and this is the most telling issue of them all: their comfort may reside in Matt Barnes being healthy or not.

Maybe Ron Artest’s tweet from last night sums everything up? But if you want to really take in the Lakers latest L, check out the dunk from Christian Eyenga in which hardly any Lakers offered resistance.