I’ll admit, wrestling has gone downhill since it reached its absolute apex in 2001. Big name stars are either dying or moving on to movies and things outside of the sport and the product that remains is so watered down and childish that it makes the days of Hulkamania seem like they were made with the gloves off.

But then The Rock came back.

Since The Rock was the last true superstar the WWE had before turning into the House That John Cena mucks up for the children, him returning if compared to a hip-hop sense is like Andre 3000 rapping again. Every time he makes a small appearance, the place goes absolutely nuts, champions his name and once he leaves again you’re left saying, “Damn, I want him back.”

Well last night, we got him back. We got him back in rare form shutting down Michael Cole and ripping John Cena a new one breaking down Cena like every smart WWE fan would have if they had the opportunity. I’d start making travel plans to Atlanta come April, because The Rock’s going to Wrestlemania. So know your role and watch his return down below – jabroni.