Winter time usually means you bundle up and keep everything on the warm side. For me personally, winter time means I have to at least keep a backpack handy as I tend to travel all over the place. While Nike may come through with something relatively dope, I like to stick close to the heart and work with PLNDR & Karma Loop especially.

The Herschel Backpack is a perfect addition for those who still like to carry things in large cases and protect their image. Using the classic Jansport motif, the bag is durable for long trips as well as storage. Combine that with any number of T.I.T.S. t-shirts and you’ll probably have a few eyes starring at your chest.

As an added bonus, PLNDR is giving away its usual amount of awesome sales for streetwear and is offering promo codes for even higher discounts. Use: hiphop77for another 10% off (20% off at