The Goblin has his share of sports teams, all of whom don’t even reside anywhere near New Orleans. We know he’s a Lakers fan, his slight affiliation to the Red Sox (they do wear the letter B on their fitted caps and its usually red) but now we get to understand why Weezy F. didn’t go for the Saints last year in the Super Bowl.

He’s a Packers fan.

With Pittsburgh facing the Pack in the big game on Sunday, of course Weezy was going to hijack Wiz’ ubiquitous “Black & Yellow” and remake it into a Packer theme song. Oh yeah, Weezy takes jabs at Troy Polamalu, Big Ben, Ike Taylor and big ups Aaron Rodgers like only a talented wordsmith/sports fan can. I’m wondering why wasn’t this translated into his sports column on ESPN.

In case you forget the words while swallowing a ton of beer and party favors, The Rockabye Review has all of the words transcribed for you.

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