Some crimes committed by criminals always are met with little to no evidence of brutality, only remarks of “he deserved it”. When taking a glance at Chad Holley’s arrest in March of 2009, the teen had stated on numerous occasions that he was in fact beaten by many members of the Houston Police Department.

Holley was seen as the boy who cried wolf. With no evidence of such an incident occurring, the boy was eventually dismissed as a criminal and the officers in question were charged with official oppression. The charges remained that way, that is until the actual video of Holley’s claims was obtained by local television station KTRK.

[vodpod id=Video.5497545&w=590&h=394&fv=]

The clip shows numerous HPD officers kicking and punching Holley after he had already surrendered to police. The actual accounts are even more disturbing:

The first officer stomps on Holley’s head and he’s repeatedly kicked. We counted four officers doing the kicking.

Then one officer lands five kicks. It looks like the kicks are landing on Holley’s head.

Holley has been on the ground with cops on top of him for about 20 seconds and then one officer lands five heavy punches.

The officer who did the kicking in the beginning does it again — this time from behind. Then he stomps on the back of his leg.

And then just before Holley is picked up to be taken to a patrol car, there’s another lick.

The mayor did not want the tape released, nor did the city council or the police chief. My question is why exactly. Yes, it’s a graphic video but it also shows the truth that even though Holley was accused of a criminal act, the officers in question accounted for a far more heinous one. Although these men have been given their jobs back, with this piece of evidence obviously those cops should be found guilty, stripped of their badges and even face jail time.

Unnecessary force has been common in many cases of police brutality across the country. It’s not going to stop anytime soon because the officers believe they are held in a higher regard than the citizens, when it should be an equal amount of respect for both.