Featuring the likes of Doughbeezy, Tavorias D, KAB Tha Don, Authentic Snoopy and more, Kickback Sundays at SF2 has done so much for the local scene in Houston that its actually become bigger than a group of people standing around at SF2’s North location trying to sling a couple rhymes here and there.

One of the major differences I can say about the city in 2010 to what’s occurring now is that there are venues and events that are tired of playing the waiting game. It’s given events such as our S.P.E.A.K. series, One Mic Houston, Turnin’ Headz & more an even bigger spotlight because Houston artist not only come to put on for their own individual talents but what they bring to the table as a community.

Don’t worry, we have more in store with SF2, keep your eyes glued to the site for that as we’ll be leaking information in the near future.